A Concise Oxandrolone Dosage Instruction for Men and Women

Oxandrolone could perhaps be one of the best anabolic that is available in the market today. There are other products in the market, but this steroid excels because it does not cause the production of estrogen in the body so there is no water retention and hence the issue of gaining fat does not arise.

What this product does is help you gain mass, lean muscle mass for a chiseled look.


Consume in a limited manner:

Being a mild anabolic, Oxandrolone can be consumed in large quantities without any visible harm to the body. However, it is toxic in nature although its toxicity is far less than that of other steroids, therefore a quantity greater than the prescribed dose should not be administered.

Dosage for patients:

This steroid is useful for treating cancer patients, and those patients, who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. It can also be used to promote weight gain in weak adults and to prevent weight loss, which occurs as a result of old age.

When administered for therapeutic purposes, the quantity consumed can be between 2.5-20mg depending upon the severity of the illness and the condition of the patient. Usually, a normal dose in the range of 5-10mg is given during sickness.


Dosage for healthy individuals:

It was initially thought that healthy men, who wish to promote muscle mass in their body should consume 15-25mg of Anavar per day in combination with some other supplements as it was thought to be a gentle product, which would only work well with other similar products.

However, with the rise in awareness levels, people have realized that the above statement does not hold true as Anavar is three times stronger than testosterone and well suited for muscle building. Taking this view into consideration, the normal dosage of Oxandrolone for an individual should be in the range of 20-80mg.

New users should follow the Oxandrolone cycle guide of 40-50mg per day, as they should allow their body to adjust to this steroid. While, experienced users can increase their dosage to 80-100mg, they should not take a quantity greater than 100mg.

Women should take 5-10mg of Anavar each day throughout the steroid cycle. Oxandrolone as a steroid is best suited for women as it does not cause them to bulk up nor does it lead to the development of secondary male characteristics.

There are people, who prefer to divide their dosage and use Anavar two times per day. However, it is as beneficial to consume a single dosage once in a day as the half-life of Oxandrolone is greater than most steroids, ensuring that the effects last long.


Why Is It Better to stack with Winstrol or Testosterone Along With Anavar?

It is a very common and popular practice among the steroid users around the world to use various types of stars together by stacking. However, for doing this, you need to know what type of stack is best formed by mixing the best of the steroids.

Anavar is one of the widely used steroids among the body builders across the globe. Stacking the Anavar steroid is not an easy work. It depends on various factors like sex, health conditions, etc. of the consumers.

The stacking pattern of Anavar is different for males and females.


A few tips to stack Anavar steroid is discussed below.

How to stack Anavar for males?

For male anabolic steroid users, the Oxandrolone hormone is primarily used in the cutting periods. The dropping of the body fat is the primary aim during these periods. It is recommended to use various forms of the exogenous testosterone hormone.

Testosterone is made the base hormone for stacking the Anavar steroid due to its versatile chemical properties.

Thus, you always need to stack with Winstrol or Testosterone for the desired results.


How to stack Anavar for the females?

  • For females, this tacking can be done anytime during the cycle
  • Mainly anabolic steroids are used for this purpose
  • Oxandrolone hormone is recommended to be used
  • It stacks well with the Primobolan, HGH and Clenbuterol steroids

The other recommended steroids include Winstrol, Cytomel, Clenbuterol and Nolvadex.

What is the using duration?

The timing and duration of consuming the Anavar steroid for both men and women is 6-8 weeks. The duration of 6 weeks is mostly suited for women. It is always advisable to take a break after prolonged use and take again after certain interval or gap.

Women can take a break from Oxandrolone hormone for 3 to 4 weeks and then stacking Anavar again.

How popular is the Anavar stack?

Anavar is the most popular of almost all the steroids available in the global market. Anavar steroid acts far better when stacked with other types of steroids. The Anavar stack is a great choice for men, since it combats testosterone suppression and enhances the cycle.

It can also be safely consumed by women for better cycles. For some women, Oxandrolone hormone is the only needed steroid.

Thus, you need to stack with Winstrol or Testosterone along with Anavar to get the best results.

Oxandrolone Does Have Some Side Effects on Your Body or Not?

Oxandrolone is one of the most popular and commonly used steroids in the whole world. It is used to loosen and reduce the fat levels. It is legalized in most of the nations and has a very good testosterone hormone stimulating substance.

It helps in muscle growth by protein synthesis within the body within a short time. It is easily available from the online vendors without any doctor prescription. However, sometimes a common question may arise in your mind, whether Oxandrolone consumption can impose any negative side effects on your body.


This thing is discussed below.

What are the pros and cons?

The major content of the Anavar steroid pill is Oxandrolone. Following are the positive aspects of this steroid:

  • It is highly androgenic
  • It is anabolic on the HPTA throughout the body
  • 4-6 weeks of consumption, duration gives the best results

It does not impose any negative side-effects on your health and body like breakouts, oily skin, gynecomastia, etc. Thus, it is safer to consume as compared to the other steroid pills in the market.


It also builds great lean muscle. Thus, you can gain good muscular strength and a lot of energy on consuming this steroid. It also lowers the body weight by reducing the body fat.

Anavar imposes negative side-effects only when it is consumed in incorrect doses. If you take overdose, it may cause nausea, exhaustion, fatigue, headache, etc. Thus, you always need to be very careful regarding the dosage.

It is also strongly advisable that people suffering from diseases like very high blood pressure, breast or prostate gland cancers or having various drug allergies should not consume Anavar steroid.

What are the ideal doses?

The conventional dose for Anavar is 50-60 mg per day and the maximum duration is 6 to 8 weeks. For women, the dosage is 10-20 mg/day. The time duration is also 6-8 weeks for women.

This steroid has very good fat burning properties. Thus, it can be cycled with the Masteron, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Clenbuterol and the Human growth hormones.

The end users of the Anavar steroid need to make the full usage of the supplementary drugs like Tamoxifen Citrate or Nolvadex to prevent excess estrogen formations.

It is advisable to take the steroid in smaller doses in the beginning and increase it gradually.

Therefore, Oxandrolone does have some side effects, if it is consumed in wrong dosage and under prohibited medical conditions.

How can you get results from Anadrol 50 Steroid Tablets?

Anadrol 50 is one of the most popular as well as widely used steroid tablets in the world. It also has a lot of medicinal value like it helps to recover the patients suffering from anemia and diseases, which affect the muscles.

Anadrol contains an active hormone known as oxymetholone, which is quite effective in body building and developing the muscles. The body builders round the world use these tablets and have given highly positive customer reviews.


The Anadrol tablets are classified as the Class I anabolic steroids, much superior than any other types of steroids.

How does it work?

  • It increases the strength of the body muscles
  • It is classified as the a C17-AA anabolic steroid
  • The steroid has good DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) properties
  • It stimulates the production of male hormones
  • Anadrol stimulates EPO hormone, producing red blood cells
  • It boosts the transportation of oxygen in blood

All the above-mentioned benefits give the bodybuilders and the wrestlers enough strength and energy for more workouts. Thus, it is very popular among them. You will get results from Anadrol 50 within a very short time.


What are the features of Anadrol steroid?

  • Increases protein synthesis and body strength
  • It increases the lean muscle strength
  • Increases the red blood cell production
  • Improves the retention of nitrogen
  • Delays fatigue by promoting pumps
  • Increase energy, stamina and fast recovery

What are the major benefits?

  • It is good for improving the strength cycle and bulking
  • It can be taken orally without injection or needles
  • It is shipped worldwide
  • The tablets are safe to consume
  • It is 100% legal
  • You can get the result within 2 weeks

What are the right doses?

The Anadrol steroid come in 50 mg pill and is taken orally. The tablets can be taken in both full as well empty stomachs. Take 2 android tablets in a day. When you workout, take the tablets 30-45 minutes before that.

Take the Android tablets for minimum time of 2 months for getting the best results. Take a break of 1 week or half after every 2 months of taking these tablets. This will maintain a perfect balance in your pill taking schedule.

You can get results from Anadrol 50 if you take the tablets in correct doses according to your health and medical conditions.

Misconceptions Regarding Anavar Results Exposed

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that has become popular among both males and females because of its effective performance. During a male’s cutting cycle Anavar outcome is noticed because it does not promote mass significantly.

On the other hand women are more hormone sensitive, so results of Anavar (Oxandrolone) on athlete females can be significant during bulking cycle with training and proper diet plan. Still there are several misconceptions related to Oxandrolone hormone.


Delusions regarding Anavar (Oxandrolone) results uncovered

Delusion 1 – Anavar intake does not suppress testosterone

Truth – Natural testosterone production gets suppressed, if you use anabolic steroid supplement. Oxandrolone is a very mild anabolic steroid and people feel that it does not suppress testosterone.

Granted that there will be no strong suppression like other steroids in comparison, but it will occur nevertheless. This is the reason that male athletes supplement themselves with exogenous testosterone along with Anavar. It will not just provide necessary testosterone, which itself is extremely anabolic in nature, but makes sure that Anavar outcomes are positive.

Delusion 2 – Anavar side effects include more water retention and Gynecomastia

Truth – Water retention and Gynecomastia are impossible with Anavar because there is no aromatization to trigger estrogenic traits. Gynecomastia can be the result of another supplement steroid taken with Anavar. Excess water retention can be due to aromatization of another steroid or by eating too much carbohydrate.


Delusion 3 – Oxandrolone is not poisonous to your liver.

Truth – Anavar is a soft oral anabolic steroid belonging to C17-aa family, which means it is toxic. However, it is less poisonous and damaging in comparison to OTC medications and excessive alcohol consumption. Liver enzyme increases, when you use Anavar, but once you discontinue (take a break) they return back to normal causing no permanent damage.

Delusion 4 – Anavar does not trigger female virilisation

Truth – Virilisation is a situation, where women start developing male characteristics. Anavar is popular among females, but they have to use it responsibly to avoid virilisation symptoms. Every person is different and their hormones respond differently. This is the reason that even if some females use the steroid responsibly they may suffer from virilisation symptoms. As soon as the female experiences these symptoms discontinue the drug use, so that the symptoms fade away.

Delusion 5 – The results of Anavar are less because it is very mild.

Truth – There is no way to deny this delusion because Oxandrolone hormone is milder in comparison to other anabolic steroids. This is not for those males craving for potent steroid, but is excellent addition to well-planned cycle. For female athlete Anavar alone is the best performance tool.

Information about Anavar Supplement and Weight Loss

Obese people are looking out for weight loss agents for achieving their goal. Even athletes and bodybuilders need to burn some fats before bulking. Anavar has proven to decrease extra body mass and enhance athletic performance.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is actually an anabolic steroid oxandrolone. Athletes and bodybuilders prefer Anavar drug to increase their lean muscle tissue quickly without excess water retention. Anavar drug is 6 times more anabolic in comparison to testosterone on mg to mg basis.


Prescription is a MUST

In US, all the anabolic androgenic steroids fall in Schedule III Controlled Substances. So, a doctor’s prescription is needed for buying Anavar or you may get penalized. Currently, FDA does not permit Anavar prescription for weight loss purpose.

Anavar and Diet

Anavar drug burns fat accumulated around muscle tissue. Thus, revealing a hard and more defined appearance. It has to be employed responsibly or as recommended to avoid side effects like any other steroids. Always consult your doctor before adding Anavar to your routine.

Anavar dosage cycle

Athletes take Anavar during cutting cycles with an aim to hold muscle tissue and decrease fat to attain a more defined look. Recommended doses are just a single tablet 2 to 3 times daily. Take it half an hour before your workout schedule for 8 weeks continuously and then take two weeks break.


How Anavar works?

First Anavar amplifies nitrogen uptake, which increases protein synthesis as well as prevents synthesized protein catabolism. This action leads to long lasting results because your muscle cells are not converted into glucose. Moreover, your metabolism process revs up burning gathered fat while shaping muscle mass.

Anavar diet cycle results

Outcome of Anavar are evident, but using it correctly minimizes the side effects.

  • Produces muscle strength, which are obvious after 2 to 3 weeks training and workout
  • Tremendous weight loss after the visceral and subcutaneous concentrated fat is eliminated from abdomen and thigh region.
  • Muscle vascularity gets enhanced
  • Oxygen gets circulated rapidly through the system enhancing respiratory functions
  • Increases calcium content, which improves bone density level
  • Muscle cell increases and fluid gets displaced because level of nitric oxide gets boosted

Preventive measures

Several anabolic steroids decrease good cholesterol level and increase bad cholesterol level, but Anavar effects are mild in comparison. It can decrease lipid profile, but to maintain normal lipid range, it is recommended not to use more than 60 mg/day or take Anavar drug for over 10 weeks continuously. Anavar safety guidelines are reported on many sites. You can get useful tips from this site about how to prevent side effects.

How to Use Anavar? – Beginner’s Guide

Generally, you can give generic answer about the results of using steroids but the fact is that it does not apply always. In fact, there are varieties of anabolic steroids available with many carrying identical properties, which often lead to same results.

On the other hand the possibility of outcomes you may experience using one kind of steroid can wildly differ from using another anabolic steroid. Let’s find out the results of Anavar cycle.


Anavar usage for bulking cycle

Those athletes indulged in weightlifting or bodybuilding can include Anavar in their off-season routine. In fact, Anavar delivers a mild result because it was not formulated for building muscle. Hoping for size increase using high doses of Anavar is not possible. For example an average male using 20 mg of Dianabol will experience intense increase in their lean tissue in comparison to using 100mg of Anavar.

In the off season performance athletes are pleased with the outcomes from using Anavar. Most of the time off is committed to recuperate from seasonal injuries. Oxandrolone helps athletes to help them cure these injuries. Use of Anavar steroid provides a little push when they begin their regular off season training session seriously.

Female athletes using Anavar in their off-season workouts experience best results. The reason is that female’s sensitivity level to Oxandrolone hormone is greater than the males.


Anavar usage for cutting

Athletes wanting harder, leaner and better looking bodies can add Anavar in their cutting cycle. Anavar is anabolic steroid basically designed for cutting purpose. New users must increase the dosage slowly.

Most of the anabolic steroids are applied for bulking and cutting both, but Anavar incredibly delivers the best result in cutting. Oxandrolone will not only repair tissue, but also increases metabolism and burns lipids.

Anavar delivers men with ready physique to display on the beach, but to females, it is the best anabolic steroid. Women appearing on fitness magazine pages attain their stunning physique by combining anabolic steroids like Anavar, correct diet plan and extreme workouts.

Everyone is aware that females find it difficult to shed fat than males. They have to battle very hard to maintain lean muscle tissue. Benefits of using anabolic steroids are great, but can cause virilization in females. However, Oxandrolone is mild and can be used without concern about their feminine beauty.

Side effects

Steroids means optimistic side effect of one kind or another. It can cause liver issues, HBP, kidney problems or cholesterol imbalance that can be dodged using appropriate dosage and duration program.

Anavar Is Androgenic In Nature and Safe

Chemical form of Anavar is called Oxandrolone. Basically, it is available in 2.5 mg pill, which is the recommended low dose and considered to be mild even for children. However, for body builders, this average dosing is useless. Unlike any other oral dosing 25 to 50 mg per day is a must. So, if they took 10 tablets of pharma prescribed Anavar drug, the results would as desired.

In comparison, some advanced body builders purchase Anavar from Underground Laboratories, who’s per pill dosage is 20mg to 50 mg. This is why there is an issue regarding Anavar dosage. Some people swear of its effectiveness and others feel offended.


The fact is that Anavar was developed with an aim to treat weight loss. To attain good results the user has to take 5 to 10 mg per day. Weight loss and bodybuilding are two different things. Any steroids taken beyond limits can give rise to possible health issues. Anavar research has proved that if it is taken appropriately that is 2.5 to 5 mg daily then it does not damage the liver.

Anavar with other steroids

Duration and dosage must be considered, when stacking Anavar with other steroids. So, when you take more than one steroid drug consider the total amount of milligrams. Users need to take herbal or ayurvedic medicine to protect their liver, while using Anavar. The toxins from the liver are flushed out. For maximum protection drink lots of water and consume enough anti-oxidants.


Anavar potency

Anavar by itself is potent, and increases anabolism immensely. This means, it allows your muscles to absorb extra proteins. Muscle building process is intensified, but it takes time for muscle growth to show. It takes three to four weeks, but the growth is solid and lasting.

From using 25 mg daily, you can expect a growth up to 5 pounds. People expect a result instantly, which is the reason, Anavar is often underestimated. They forget that five pounds of lean muscle is a good amount.

To increase your Anavar cycle is tempting, but it’s recommended not to use it for more than eight weeks without any break or the consequences are unfavorable.

Avoids aromatization

Anavar increases strength and fat burning results without causing aromatization. Aromatization is triggered when your body accumulates too much androgen, converting some into estrogen. It causes acne, bloating and probably loss of libido. However, women prefer Anavar because of its androgenic nature.